Add a classic and finished look to your chimney, while protecting it from water damage and animals. However, metal liners also cost a lot more compared to clay tile. Only 17 left in stock - order soon. Interestingly though, as ancient as this chimney is, it has been found making a steady comeback in recent times, considering how energy cost is sky-high. FREE Shipping by Amazon. They also consist of a stove pipe that extends from the base of the chimney. HY-C SCADJ-L Shelter Adjustable Clamp On Single Chimney Cover, Fits Outside Various Sizes of Existing Clay Flue Tile, Large, Black Galvanized Steel. For example, one type of combination chimney may offer an amalgamation of air cooling, air insulating and/or mass-insulating chimney designs. Metal Chimney. The Metal-Fab Temp/Guard Chimney is intended for use on any residential and building heating appliance burning gas, liquid or s olid fuels such as fireplace stoves, furnaces, ranges, room heaters, or as defined in columns I and II, Table 2-2.1, NFPA 211. Prefabricated or factory built fireplaces are metal chimney systems that provide a cheaper alternative to a standard masonry chimney. Metal chimney pipes lack the visual appeal of the traditional brick chimney. This type of chimney is so called because of two main reasons. Replacement Cost; Metal Chimney: $300 – $500: Stone and Masonry Chimney: $500 – $1,500 Masonry chimneys are usually accompanied by masonry fireplaces that are simple indented walls where you create fire on logs of wood. With a chimney surround kit, make your home more attractive and complete looking. Metal Fab B Vent Chimney Cap 6" 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. They are considered extremely safe and durable. Apart from the traditional brick chimneys that you have probably always seen and been hearing of, there is a variety of other types of chimneys that are found in numerous households. 4.6 out of 5 stars 111. Our photo at above right shows an end view of a … Typically, the … They are: As the name suggests, this type of chimney consists of air flowing in between multiple layers of hard metal, which is used in the construction of these chimneys. The chimneys are also duly tested for their ability to be used with wood burning appliances. The defective part(s) must be returned with all transportation charges prepaid by the owner to the Customer Service Department, Metal-Fab Inc., 3025 May Avenue, Wichita, Kansas 67213 Metal-Fab … A metal chimney replacement can beautify your roof while it protects. You can rely on our experienced technicians to safely repair metal smokestacks and chimneys. They know how to stay on schedule and on budget. If you have a defunct or dormant fireplace or woodstove in your home, or a derelict chimney from a heating device that is already gone, you can make a bit more space in your home and reduce the chances of leakage in your roof by pulling out the chimney. These chimneys are more of the modern, contemporary types of chimneys that you will find in most homes in today’s time. The pipe stub that protruded through the ceiling was covered with a makeshift cardboard cap painted to match the walls. However, there is one major downside to prefabricated chimneys. Firstly, the fireplace of these chimneys is a firebox that is fabricated from sheet metals and secondly, these chimneys are manufactured or constructed in factories before being delivered to the buildings or homes where they need to be installed. This type of chimney is quite similar to the air-cooled chimney, except that the purpose of the air here is not to move around to cool or dissipate heat but to act as an insulator.

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